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Breakthrough can be all over the place, but the main message can give you some deep emotion about hope, faith, and love!!!

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Real Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-As with any Christian movie, I look at the main message and I do believe its main message is a powerful message that with any people that has faith and knows the power of prayer can give us that hope
-For a Christian movie, this is very well acted, most notably Chrissy Metz playing the mother of the child that drowned in the ice lake

The So So:

-Other than the main message, there were some subplots or themes that were pointed out, unfortunately these themes may have been rushed, but some holds some substance, like the relationship between the mom and her new pastor, played by Topher Grace, and how it started off with animosity because the pastor is different, but how the pastor really showed he cared when the tragedy struck and how their relationship gelled after that, that part really hits close to home cuz I have seen it first hand of that happening plenty of times and it can be a sad experience

What I Didn’t Like:

-I kind of wish they expounded more on the first responder, played by Mike Coulter (AKA Luke Cage) who heard a voice to keep going and found the boy in the lake, the fact that he is an atheist I thought his story was interesting, but they only show his story piece by piece and never really had a ending of some sort, still left the character indifferent with his divine experience, wanted to see more of that


For a Christian movie, this one has some depth, and was well put together with some fine acting and good execution on this true story. The main story of having strong faith, the power of prayer and the hope for God to come through, and the love from other people really makes it impactful for people going through these types of struggles. Sometimes we need to surrender ourselves to God, and let Him lead. Yes, the film can seem to be all over the place with some subplots that were rushed, but overall the main message was loud and clear. It is a message though I heard many times, I can appreciate hearing it in a different story or testimony that can revitalize my faith and yours. So if it is that type of film you want to see, I strongly suggest to go see it!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars

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