The Hustle (Sidenote: Welcome to Marwen)

The Hustle film poster.png

The Hustle had an interesting premise, but with the annoyance of Rebel Wilson and the predictability, it is mediocre at best!!!

Real Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-Anne Hathaway’s performance is great to see, seeing her play many different personas was a lot of fun

The So So:

-The story was interesting, but it is something we have seen before, especially since technically it is a remake

What I Didn’t Like:

-Rebel Wilson is not funny to me, she is more annoying than anything else
-I pretty much predicted the movie right after the introductions, when things were executed, I was nodding happily that I was right, that is not a good thing for this movie


I gave this film a chance with good expectations, but in the end, it was a not funny mess. The predictability and the annoyance of Rebel Wilson really brought it down. At least you have Anne Hathaway’s performance to be somewhat entertained by it.

Real Rating: 3 Stars

WTM HeroPoster.jpg

(Sidenote: Welcome to Marwen- The thought of this film is good in preaching about hate, post traumatic stress, and moving on. Steve Carell gives a great performance, and some creative directing by Robert Zemeckis, but in the end, it falls a little flat. But it is the thought that counts though!!!
Real Rating: 3 Stars)