The Dead Don’t Die (Sidenote: The Upside)

The Dead Don't Die.jpeg

The Dead Don’t Die may be the weakest in zombie movies, but the deadpan humor somehow actually works!!!

Real Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-The deadpan comedy actually works for me, I loved the one liners it brings that actually made me laugh, even though I’m not a fan of deadpan comedy, the execution works
-Adam Driver and Bill Murray works well together in delivering the deadpan humor

The So So:

-It has everything you need in a zombie movie, but for me the action was ok at best, nothing too thrilling other than seeing Tilda Swinton kill zombies with her katana

What I Didn’t Like:

-To me it really had no point to its story other than comedic zombie survival, I feel that director Jim Jarmusch had a point to all this, but I really didn’t get the point


For a zombie movie, this has what you want, but it really didn’t bring anything new. With that said, what really works was the deadpan humor that works. It may have a deeper point, but it went over my head big time. Regardless, with this big cast, it works all together to make this a somewhat watchable movie. As for me, it is mediocre at best, but i wasn’t bored!!!

Real Rating: 3 Stars

The Upside.png

(Sidenote: The Upside- The chemistry between Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart is pretty good in this drama about an unusual pairing that leads to a friendship. The story is something we’ve seen before, however, the charm is there to make this an enjoyable watch!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Stars)

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