Yesterday (Sidenote: Five Feet Apart)

Yesterday (2019 poster).png

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Yesterday is a nice story, didn’t like the way it ended, but it gives you an extra appreciation on how special The Beatles were!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The story was nice and for the most part unique, imagine if that happened to you, you can’t look at me in the eye and tell you wouldn’t do it either, I enjoyed the troubles he endured to make it happen, and being overwhelmed when it does happen, Himesh Patel really played the role of Jack Malik very well
-The comedy was pretty good, I was laughing and enjoying the moments
-Having Ed Sheeren playing himself was really great, and made the story very grounded regarding the things he did
-Kate McKinnon playing Malik’s manager was a great touch as well, and showing the good and bad of the music business
-The film made me appreciate the music of The Beatles a lot more, and realized how special they were

The So So:

-The chemistry between Patel and Lily James, was a great friend zone ordeal at it’s finest, even though the way it ended was very cheesy and cliched, I really enjoyed watching his relationship
-I also enjoyed the friendship aspect with Malik and his dimwitted friend Rocky, played by Joel Fry, it gave a slacker some purpose, but a movie that is very grounded, I don’t believe a character can be that stupid, but he was funny playing that role

What I Didn’t Like:

-The way the things ended really didn’t fulfill my pleasure in watching this film, I’m not going to explain what happened, but I felt unfulfilled with how the things went down in the end


I really enjoyed the feel good kind of story it brings about fulfilling your dreams at any cost. The acting was great with many different themes regarding different types of relationships. Even though I didn’t like how it concluded, I appreciated the spirit it brings. Especially regarding how great The Beatles were back in the day, and even now. I will end asking this, would you do the same if this happened to you?

Real Rating: 4 Stars

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(Sidenote: Five Feet Apart- Yes, the acting was actually pretty decent, especially between Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse. Also gives you a back ground of people suffering with Cystic Fibrosis, and what they have to go through. With all that said, it was a huge, dumb, and very cliched romance type of film that had my eyes rolling so much that people thought I was in a catatonic state. It made The Fault Within Our Stars look like an Oscar worthy picture. (I hated that movie as well.)
Real Rating: 2 Stars)