Good Boys

Good Boys Movie Poster.jpg

Good Boys is offensively funny, what more can I say?

Real Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The three kid leads were pretty good at acting, my favorite character was Lucas, he was the one that made me laugh with his innocence and honesty, yet funny

The So So:

-The comedy is definitely offensive, but you knew that before you watch this movie, people who are offended easily should not watch it, but the three leads ignorance and profanity is what makes it really funny
-The story is the typical coming of age story, but it does have its sweet moments that I appreciated

What I Didn’t Like:

Can a comedy be too crude? There were times where I thought some of the jokes dealing prepubescence teenagers can get out of hand for my liking


As I said before, if you get easily offended this is not your movie. If you enjoy really crude humor, you will have a ball. I was laughing, but cringing at the same time. It is a very funny coming of age story that may have its sweet moments. In the end, the crudeness takes over, but in my opinion a sometimes tasteful way!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars


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