Blinded by the Light

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Blinded by the Light is a great story dealing with inspiration, following your dreams, racism, culture, and problems with family, this is surprisingly a really thought provoking film that can hit close to home!!!

Real Rating: 4.5 Stars

What I Like:

-The story is a really good story, it deals with many different themes, but the main theme is about finding inspiration and following your dreams no matter what, that one can hit close to home with you, and because of that, it can be something special
-There were very great comedic, intense, special, and heart warming moments, but those heart warming moments is what really got to me, and made me like this movie a lot
-Viveik Kalra playing the protagonist, Javed, really captures an essence of what teenager go through nowadays and trying to find inspiration in anything, and the realtionship with his father is fun to watch, really great acting
-It was set in the 80s in Britian, and it does give you a fun look of how it is during that time

The So So:

-The inspiration came from the music of Bruce Springstein, if you’re a fan of him, you will love it, if not (which I’m not), you may not find it as great, but at least the story makes it worthwhile

What I Didn’t Like:

-I wish I could see more of the racism aspect during that time, there were intense moments, but I wanted to see more of that


I thought this movie will jam Bruce Springstein down my throat, and end up not liking it. However, that wasn’t the case. Yes it does involve his music, but what I found special is the story and the character development on the protagonist, Javed. That is the joy to see, and his many relationships that really shapes his character of him becoming someone great no matter the obstacle. That is what I found great about this movie. As I said before, it can hit close to home for many of you no matter what background you have. In that regard, I highly recommend it!!!

Real Rating: 4.5