Abominable (Sidenote: Mary Magdalene)

Abominable (2019 poster).png

Abominable is a sweet and heartwarming film that is great for the whole family to watch!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The animation was spectacular, maybe worth a watch in 3D
-I enjoyed seeing today’s Chinese culture as it is set in Shanghai, China
-Chloe Bennet voicing the main role as Yi was really good
-Everett is a sweet beast that we can all love

The So So:

-The story is something we already seen before, especially in animated films about beasts or aliens and the government alway interfering, with all that said, I still say it is a sweet and heartwarming film that your whole family can enjoy

What I Didn’t Like:

-The millennial stereotypes are annoying, but I hope we it is something we can see and learn


As I said before, it brought nothing new to the table, but it is still a beautiful, fun, and heartwarming film for your whole family to sit back, relax, and enjoy. I like the Asian culture it brings as well, especially in today’s setting which is interesting to see. I enjoyed it, and I hope you all can too with a sweet Yeti!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars

Mary Magdalene (2018 film).png

(Sidenote: Mary Magdalene- Sometimes biblical movies can be good, horrible, or in the middle. For this one, it wasn’t that biblical which is strike one for me. Strike two was the story was pretty much boring even though Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix starring in it. Strike three, was they try to put their own political opinion on it which really didn’t make sense. So in a nutshell you get a biblical story that missed the point, didn’t put the main parts of the story to the film, and made it boring!!!
Real Rating: 2 Stars)