Gemini Man


Gemini Man is decent in action, but subpar in story, it is simple as that!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Stars

What I Like:

-The action was pretty good, because of that I wasn’t bored watching
-With a movie directed by Ang Lee, you can expect great cinematography, and this one is no different, with his new style of high rate frames, the visionary work is quite good, especially showing how beautiful the cities of Cartagena, Colombia and Budapest, Hungary are

The So So:

-I love Will Smith with a passion, in this film you get two things, you get the charisma of Will Smith that we all know which sometimes doesn’t work for this film, but then you get the brilliantly acting of Will Smith with his clone, Junior, with the de-aging face is spectacular to see
-The motive of the villain, Clay Varris played by Clive Owen, had an interesting motive where I second guess whether his idea makes sense or not, maybe his methods were unethical, but his bigger picture made sense to me, so I don’t know, but you all can tell me if you agree with his idea for the future

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story was intriguing at first, but once it got to the climax, it was very underwhelming to me, it seems like the converting and final action went way too fast and under developed
-It was also predictable as well


For all the action junkies, this is worth a watch. For all Ang Lee’s fans of his creativity, you will not be disappointed. For people who want a good all around movie, this may underwhelm you. It’s too bad, because the story was interesting, but the ending didn’t give enough gratifying substance. With all that said, I couldn’t give more than a decent rating!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Stars