Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator Dark Fate poster.jpg

Terminator: Dark Fate may be light on the story, but the action, acting, and character development make this my true third Terminator movie!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-To me the biggest reason this Terminator movie was good is down to two things, the return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, she was awesome and really brought back the breathe of fresh air to see her again and bring back that special twist to the story that it really needed, the second thing is James Cameron coming back in a producer role to really bring this franchise back to what it is suppose to be, and I’m glad he did
-Other actors were really great, Natalia Reyes as Dani Ramos as the new James Connor, Mackenzie Davis as Grace the new hero and protector who is a force to be reckon with, Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role as the T-800 with a better character development that makes you feel for him, and lastly, Gabriel Luna as the new Terminator Rev-9 has to be the best villain since the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, he was scary and almost feeling hopeless in defeating him with the crazy powers he has
-Director Tim Miller created some great action scenes that were really fun to watch

The So So:

-The story to try to make sense of this crazy timeline did seem a little light on substance, but in the end the character development for all the characters really made up for that, and to me make it the true sequel to Terminator 2, and I’m contempt with that

What I Didn’t Like:

-It did kind of bother me the point of killing off teenage John Connor, it would make you think that would screw up the whole future again, but instead it made it to a different type of future, to me, that is the most perplexing part for me and it does bother me, time travel, it does make it difficult for a great story


I will say this again, this is the true sequel for Terminator 2: Judgement Day (one of my favorite movies). Forget about Terminator 3, Salvation, and especially Genisys, and you can really enjoy what this film have to offer, and revitalize this franchise. It went back to its roots by bringing back Sarah Connor, and having James Cameron come back to perfect the essence of the original story. It all paid off in the end, and with the action and great character development, made this a fun film to watch and enjoy!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars