Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep (Official Film Poster).png

Doctor Sleep is great for the fans of The Shining, but I thought the story was intriguing in connecting everything together, and make sense of this whole story in all!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-Ewan McGregor as an adult Danny Torrance was great, seeing how he dealt with his shining power growing up is a great story in itself
-As for the story, it does give great connections to the original The Shining story, fans of the film will enjoy reminiscing everything, as for me, I enjoyed making the connections with the first and this film which gave me a lot more clarity in understanding the power of the shining and how great it can be, almost like a hero story in a way
-Even though I’m not a fan of recastings (more on that later), the recasting of Dick Hallorann was pretty spot on, I thought he captures the original role perfect and his role in the story was very effective

The So So

-The evil group called the True Knot was introduced in a weird and at times horrific way, I guess it just showed how terrible they can be, with that said, once I got to understand them, everything does makes sense on why they are evil and why they still exist

What I Didn’t Like:

-For this film, they recasted some of the main characters of The Shining, though I can understand why, I thought it was all very distracting and kind lost these characters’ touch, though I do give it credit in recreating certain scenes, they could’ve just put the old scenes there, or not do it at all, I felt that could’ve been done better


I remember how psychologically haunting the movie The Shining was, and it is an Stanley Kubrick classic. For this film, though very creepy at times, it is different. To me it seemed like a hero story of people who do possess that shining power. This film gives more depth to that and how good and dangerous it can be to certain people. It does give fan service to The Shining fans good and bad. With that said, the story really kept my interest and in the end it was satisfying to me!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars


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