21 Bridges (Sidenote: The Art of Racing in the Rain)


21 Bridges is not boring, but you can predict the endgame which makes it underwhelming when it comes!!!

Real Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-The performance of Chadwick Boseman was spectacular as a detective cop trying to find some drug dealing thieves that killed cops

The So So:

-The pacing was really good, it was interesting and kept my interest, with that said, I felt storywise, it was way to easy for these cops, I guess that is how it really is, maybe not

What I Didn’t Like:

-A half hour into the film, I knew how this was going to the end, it was pretty much obvious, especially when you watch a lot of law enforcement movies
-The subplot of Boseman’s character’s mom, was really unnecessary to show and had nothing to do with the plot whatsoever


I liked this movie for what it is. With that said, it is something you have seen before. The same old story, the same old problems, and the same old twists. I enjoyed the acting of Chadwick Boseman and other characters and the execution was good, they just needed better and fresher writing. It could’ve been much better, but in the end, it is ok at best!!!

Real Rating: 3 Stars

The Art of Racing in the Rain.jpg

(Sidenote: The Art of Racing in the Rain- Another film about a story with a dog’s point of view. Only this time it has some professional car racing in it. To make this brief, these type of movies are getting kind of old. The emotions they try to give just seemed wat to forced. With that said, it works sometimes!!!
Real Rating 3 Stars)