Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell Poster.jpg

Richard Jewell is an interesting story even though it follows all the Clint Eastwood’s tropes!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The acting was superb, especially Sam Rockwell as the lawyer, he was tremendous in trying to make things right, I also enjoyed seeing Paul Walter Hauser playing the titular role of Richard Jewell, his naivety and innocence really added depth to his role, other roles were really good and authentic

The So So:

-The story was interesting, it does remind me a lot of Sully of a person who does a heroic thing, and yet, they are treated like a villain, it is a Clint Eastwood trope of story telling which can get redundant

What I Didn’t Like:

-The thing about Clint Eastwood’s movies is that they are too straight forward in his story telling, there may be drama and what not, but I feel like the story can be executed more creatively


It does follow the tropes of a typical Clint Eastwood movie, and you can take it as you please. With that said, the story is interesting enough to watch, and the great acting makes it worthwhile. What I enjoyed the most is seeing the character of Richard Jewell’s attitude about law enforcement change as the story goes on. That was the best part in the end!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars