Dolittle (Sidenote: Judy)

Dolittle (2020 film poster).png

Dolittle had potential, but the subpar writing really made this a wasted role for Robert Downey Jr.!!!

Real Rating: 3 Animal Noises

What I Like:

-I thought Robert Downey Jr. acted his best in his role as Dr. Dolittle, this movie is considered a bust it wasn’t because of Downey Jr. that is for sure
-Also don’t blame the cinematography and animation, it was beautifully created in that regard

The So So:

-The animal voice casting was fine, but I just don’t understand why a film set in England has animals with American voices

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story was very subpar, it was boring, uninspired, and a story we pretty much seen before
-The comedy was very juvenile for my liking
-Also some of the development for the animals just don’t make sense, like how can a polar bear be cold, and a skully hat cures everything, and don’t get me started with the dragon part


From the trailer of this film, this had potential, especially with Robert Downey Jr. at the helm. Unfortunately, the writing of this story was completely subpar and cliched. The juvenile comedy, and a lack of development for the rest of the characters. It is a disappointment, and a wasted role for Robert Downey Jr. who did well with his character. I guess I should’ve known better when a film is debuting in January. That’s just bad luck!!!

Real Rating: 3 Animal Noises

(Sidenote: Judy- I was expecting something more of a biopic about the life of Judy Garland. Instead we just got her last year of life when she was performing in London, and pretty much seeing her downfall. It just got downright depressing seeing this, especially how she was treated in her teenage years. Renee Zellweger did a good job in that regard. I guess I just expected something more optimistic!!!
Real Rating: 3 Stars)

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