Bad Boys for Life

Bad Boys for Life poster.jpg

Bad boys for Life continues what it is known for with great action and chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, even if it is starting to wear out its welcome!!!

Real Rating: 4 Man Tears

What I Like:

-What do you expect with a Bad Boys movie (a franchise I do love), you get a lot of great action, hilarious comedy and banter, and that great buddy cop chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, it is everything you expect
-I give credit to new directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, the way they make the action scenes captured all in on take with the beautiful cinematography of the great city of Miami, it is almost like Michael Bay knighted them himself to be his successors (to me that is a good thing)
-Without spoiling it, I like how they brought back characters and things that happened in the past movies and intertwining it here is a nice touch

The So So:

-Some would argue the story is better with a lot of good characterization, I believe it is the same, but I like the sense of realism it actually puts with these characters because they are not getting any younger, yes some things can be cliched especially with the whole retirement angle, but it is funny on how the way things go down
-The villain, though fascinatingly weird, it does follow the whole revenge plotline that we all seen before

What I Didn’t Like:

-They actually have the audacity to do a twist in the beginning of the movie where we all know what really is going to happen, to me that is just pointless writing,
-Also, without giving away too much, I was hoping for closure in this film, however, it’s looking like they will be more films in the future, unfortunately for me, it is a tall-tale sign that it is wearing out its welcome


This film is just as enjoyable as its previous films with the great action and comedic chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Storywise it is the same, but maybe with a sense of more realism even though the Bad Boys franchise isn’t really about realism. The story can also be cliched when it comes to the whole buddy cop ordeal, but I still love watching it. Even though it’s looking likely more sequels will follow, I just hope it can come up with a good ending instead of wearing out its welcome like the Fast and Furious films.

Real Rating: 4 Man Tears

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