The Gentlemen (Sidenote: Jojo Rabbit)

The Gentlemen poster.jpg

The Gentlemen took some time for me to get use to hearing all the different British accents, but once the film got going I enjoyed what it offered!!!

Real Rating: 4 C-Words

What I Like:

-The different characters in this film and their roles, especially Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, and Matthew McConaughey, their roles were entertainingly quirky and really made this film funny to watch
-The last two thirds of the film was just some great story telling that really made it worthwhile for me to stick to the end

The So So:

-It took me a while to get use to the accents by all these British characters, they were all different, and McConaughey seemed like he started with an accent and forgot it in the end, once I got use to it, I can enjoy the film more

What I Didn’t Like:

-The comedy I didn’t get too much, there were very minimal parts where I actually laughed out loud, but for this film, I enjoyed the drama more than the comedy


Once I got used to everything British, I did sit back and enjoy the film for what it really brings. A good gangster film with a well put together story that was enjoyable to the end. The acting and character development was great, and I give kudos to director Guy Ritchie into adding substance to a film that has already been done before!!!

Real Rating: 4 C-Words

Jojo Rabbit (2019) poster.jpg

(Sidenote: Jojo Rabbit- I never thought a movie involving Hitler would be funny, but that’s what Taika Waititi did. The beginning of the film was hilarious satire about Germany during World War II, but the genius part was how it got serious in the end to really make you think. This was a well put together story mixing comedy and drama in a way only Taika Waititi can do. Bravo to him!!!
Real Rating: 4 Stars)

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