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Onward is not your typical Pixar movie, but it still is a lot of fun with some feels!!!

Real Rating: 4 Pixie Bikers

What I Like:

-The animation, as usual for Pixar, was phenomenal the mix of city and landscape was a great blend of setting that you can enjoy
-One of the themes I enjoyed about this film is about sibling brotherhood, me having two younger brothers, I can understand the importance of having that special relationship even though we can be completely different people, that bond can be strong and special

The So So:

-This is a different type of Pixar film for me, for the most part it is a creative film with with a lot of emotion with an adventure on the side, that is what we expect, this case it was really all about the adventure, and the emotion at the end, in the end, it still worked, just not what I expected
-One thing that was different for me, and without spoiling it, was the ending, it did pack a lot of good emotion, but I just didn’t like the execution of the story, mainly because it was too sad for me, and I don’t like being sad

What I Didn’t Like:

-The laughs weren’t really there for me with this film, and that is odd for a Pixar film
-There are a lot of themes in this film, but the whole thing about people forgetting magic and who their are just seemed a little too farfetched for me, can people really forget about magic because of science and convenience, I don’t know


As I said before, it is not your typical Pixar film, but I still found it enjoyable with the animation, adventure story, and the brief emotion in the end. I can appreciate the different themes this film tries to show, but the one about sibling brotherhood is something I can keep to my heart. In the end, I believe there is a lot of good in watching this film with the family. It could be a good point to know about the importance of family!!!

Real Rating: 4 Pixie Bikers


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