Bloodshot - official film poster.jpeg

Bloodshot is a pure action film mess, but a somewhat organized mess!!!

Real Rating: 3 Nanobots

What I Like:

-I thought the action was decent, it made it entertaining at the very least to watch these action scenes

The So So:

-The story is where I have some issues with because I believe the premise is good, but the character development did seem rushed, the motives for some characters weren’t that clear to me, it was like the writers tried to make the bare minimum in their story, and then rely on the CGI action to make up for it, that is where the organize mess comes in

What I Didn’t Like:

-What really makes it a mess is the execution of everything, the motives from both the good guys and the bad guys just wasn’t clear for me, and the last action scene was really all over the place, and really just didn’t work to who Bloodshot really is, I’m not sure if this film gave the character justice because I’m not familiar with this comic character


The action was decent enough, while everything else seem to be a mess that is organized in tone and leaning on their minimal strengths. I have to hear fans from the comic story to see if this film gave the character any justice, or if Vin Diesel did the character well. With all that said, as a movie, I give it an ok at best!!!

Real Rating: 3 Nanobots


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