Emma. (Sidenote: Arctic Dogs)

Emma poster.jpeg

Emma. has a story that is all over the place, it was hard to keep up, and in the end, I just didn’t care!!!

Real Rating: 2 Marital Rejections

What I Like:

-I guess the cinematography, but that’s about it

The So So:

-I guess Anya Taylor-Joy acted well, but I just really didn’t care for her character and why she is that way

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story seemed all over the place, and it was very hard for me to follow, because of that I ended up not caring for any of the characters in it
-If this was suppose to be a comedy, it failed miserably, not even a chuckle from me


People will say to me you just don’t care for British films. That is slightly true, especially the comedies, but honestly, they just don’t call my attention whatsoever. I’m not aware of the books, and really why should I care for this spoiled character named Emma. It just didn’t do it for me in any way!!!

Real Rating: 2 Marriage Rejections

Arctic Dogs poster.jpg

(Sidenote: Arctic Dogs- It had a great voice cast and cool animation, but it is a cliched kids movie. The story is a little outrageous for my liking as well. All I can say is who would grow up to aspire to be a package deliverer? My thoughts exactly!!!
Real Rating 2.5 Stars)

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