I Still Believe (Sidenote: Lady and the Tramp)

I Still Believe promotional poster.jpg

I Still Believe was very cheesy at first, but the message is there, if only it can be a little more effective!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Guitars

What I Like:

-Acting wasn’t bad at least

The So So:

-The message and theme for a Christian movie was clear about continuing your faith after a terrible tragedy which I got, but unlike its predecessor, I Can Only Imagine, it wasn’t as effective for me, didn’t give me that feel good spiritual sense that I look for in these films, wasn’t powerful enough

What I Didn’t Like:

-The romance part of it was just so cheesy and cliched that it actually made my eyes roll a lot, it just felt too rushed and non genuine


As I said before, it is way too cheesy and cliched in the romance part. As for the message part, it was clear, but just not effective enough for me to be inspired. It is that simple for a Christian movie. If it is not that inspiring, it is not that good. It’s too bad, because the message does bring a lot of true potential!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Guitars


(Sidenote: Lady and the Tramp- I thought this film had a little more substance than its original version. It’s not as rushed with the story, and with a little better character development. Other than that, it is practically the same movie. With that said, it is still enjoyable reawakening of a Disney classic!!!
Real Rating: 4 Stars)

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