Resistance (Sidenote: Underwater)

Resistance poster.jpg

Resistance had its motives right in their story and scenes, but some parts of the film really does fall flat!!!

Real Rating: 3 Mimes

What I Like:

-I thought Jesse Eisenberg did a really good job in his role as Marcel Marceau, his character development is fascinating about a true story of an aspiring actor and entertainer who decided to join the Resistance against the Nazis during World War II

The So So:

-There were parts of the movie where it was thrilling and intense, but there were also parts that were uninteresting, a little bit too much talking with the Resistance soldiers that really should be with more action

What I Didn’t Like:

-I understand the motive for this film, but a lot of it does fall flat, it didn’t continue to peak my interest until really the ending, a movie about World War II should be a lot more thrilling


Simply put, it has its good moments, and it has its boring moments. I expected better for a movie about a Resistance army going against the Nazis. What I don’t fault is the character of Marcel Marceau which I believe Jesse Eisenberg portrayed very well. I just wish it has more substance!!!

Real Rating: 3 Mimes

Underwater poster.jpeg

(Sidenote: Underwater – The first Sidenote of 2020. (Sarcastic Yay!!!) This is pretty much Alien but under the deepest depth of the ocean. I thought the cast acted very well together. Overall it is good and thrilling enough, but the rushed story with all the cliches just made it ok at best!!!
Real Rating: 3 Implosions)

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