Extraction (2020 film).png

Extraction is action packed fun, with a decent even though familiar story, I was in awe of everything that was executed in this film!!!

Real Rating: 4 RPGs

What I Like:

-The action was great, I believe they took a more grounded approach with their action, because I don’t recall any scenes that used CGI, let alone, that one scene where it looked like everything happened in one shot was nothing short of awesome, it is an action film that really gave you what you want, great fun action
-This is probably my favorite film featuring Chris Hemsworth that doesn’t involve him as Thor, not only for his action stunts, but his acting was really genuine as well, that one moment where he became vulnerable with the kid he is saving, was some of the best acting I ever seen from him, and I love to see more of that Chris Hemsworth

The So So:

-The story is simple enough to keep you engaged and care for what is happening, but it doesn’t save itself from the typical action movie formula with its cliches and tropes, some of the minor twists I saw coming, but regardless, the execution of this film really made up for the decent story, and great execution comes great fun action

What I Didn’t Like:

-Without spoiling it, it did leave out some plotholes where I didn’t understand, like certain fates for certain people which I needed some more expounding of, so in that regard, it did leave a little unfulfilled


I really enjoyed and have fun with this movie. The action and direction from Sam Hargrave really made this a grounded epic that I really sat back and be thrilled. Yes it has some flaws with story tropes and plotholes, but the execution of everything, and a great lead acting with Chris Hemsworth really made it worth watching on Netflix. I hope to see more of Hemsworth in these type of roles with the right script, other than other roles where he is wielding a hammer or being funny. This may be a direction in the right path for him, and I’m all for it!!!

Real Rating: 4 RPGs