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Capone is a tragic look at the infamous gangster of Al Capone’s life deteriorating, because of that, it can drag at times!!!

Real Rating: 3 Italian Sayings

What I Like:

-I thought Tom Hardy, play Al Capone deteriorating to death was pretty good, I’m not sure about the voice, but with everything else, it was interesting to watch
-I also like how not only his health was slowly going away, but his family as well, it does give a nice correlation of where the story is going
-I thought the direction from Josh Trank was really good as well, especially the nice blend of light and darkness from scene to scene in its cinematography

The So So:

-Seeing Capone health going down was disgustingly tragic, however, that was life suffering from the last stages of syphilis and early dementia, at times you don’t know what he is saying or doing which can lead to confusion while watching it, but his interactions with other people, whether they were real or not, was definitely fascinating

What I Didn’t Like:

-There were a lot of slow points which really can drag the film for very long periods of time, maybe it was intended for dramatic effects, but I rather if they get to the point


It is a interesting tragedy of seeing the infamous gangster of Al Capone’s last year of life. It was sad to see how his health and his family was slowly deteriorating. Tom Hardy did his best. No doubt about that. Director Josh Trank also did his best, in showing us how bad it was in Capone’s final days. Unfortunately, the slow and dragging points really didn’t do the story justice in the end!!!

Real Rating: 3 Italian Sayings

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