The High Note

The High Note poster.jpeg

The High Note is a feel good movie about the music industry, but the last third of the film just really didn’t make sense!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Sound Mixers

What I Like:

-I like the premise about how the music industry work, it was interesting to see how things go down in a life of a music artist icon who is trying to stay relevant
-The acting was great, I like the artist and assistant aspect between Dakota Johnson and Tracee Ellis Ross, it does seem genuine enough to believe it, and seeing Dakota Johnson’s character really hustling to pursue a dream, even Ice Cube as the manager was good enough
-The old school music vibe was great to listen to, and I can’t believe Tracee Ellis Ross actually sang, makes it more authentic

The So So:

-I like the execution from the beginning which really grabbed my attention, but then it starts to fall on all too familiar tropes, with that said, a lot of these tropes do make sense for the story, and that goes with great execution

What I Didn’t Like:

-Without spoiling it, there was a twist which really did not make sense to me whatsoever, and honestly created a dent in what was a decent story, I believe it could’ve been written a lot better to be more effective than defective


It is a feel good movie that we all need with these times. I enjoyed the music, and a good story about working hard in making your dreams come true. Yeah it has its tropes like any other movie and a pretty bad third part, bu the execution by director Nisha Ganatra really made it good enough to watch. As I said before, with these times right now, we need a film like this to make us happy about life. Even for a minute!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Sound Mixers



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