The King of Staten Island

The King of Staten Island.jpeg

The King of Staten Island is Judd Apatow at his finest, bringing out great characters in real situations, even though some scenes did drag more than it should!!!

Real Rating: 4 Tattoos

What I Like:

-Judd Apatow really does bring out great character development in his films, and I do appreciate the grounded situations that this movie brings, I do give Apatow even more credit by making Pete Davidson act very well, he gave him that good balance of being awkwardly funny, but also giving him the dramatic touch to really bring out his character, it was a breathe of fresh air to see
-Other than Davidson, the acting was great all around, Marisa Tomei was great, and Bill Burr not only was funny as he usually is with his hilarious rants, but he actually gave some great acting chops as well
-I just appreciated the fact that this story can be relatable for people, it can pull you on some emotional strings

The So So:

-It did bring out some funny moments, but, without spoiling it, there are some scenes that will definitely make you very uncomfortable, when you watch, you will know what I mean

What I Didn’t Like:

-The film was over two hours, and there are great moments, but some of these moments could have been more concise, there were times where it definitely drags, and you’re like, ok, let’s move it along, and maybe there were some scenes that could have been added to the deleted scenes portion of the DVD


I wasn’t expecting too much, but I actually enjoyed this film. I was surprised with what Pete Davidson showed in this film. I think I can stop saying that he is the worst comedian in Saturday Night Live that is more known by being dumped by Ariana Grande than being funny. The story was grounded, real, and relatable. I will say it again, this is Judd Apatow at his finest, and once again he is bringing out another mediocre comedian to a spotlight of greatness. Also, this film will relate more to millennials in life than ever!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars

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