You Should Have Left

You Should Have Left Poster 2020.jpeg

You Should Have Left was an ineffective horror/thriller film with a story thinner than a sheet of paper!!!

Real Rating: 2 Stetlers

What I Like:

-Did it kept my interest to see what will happen? It actually did

The So So:

-The acting was good, but I felt this was wasted roles for both Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story was very thin, with minimal character development, and lack of a true real motive for the characters
-Also, for a horror/thriller, it was very ineffective, it wasn’t scary, even the jump scares didn’t do anything for me, it wasn’t creepy or keeping me on the edge of my seat, really it didn’t do nothing for me


This was suppose to be a horror/thriller type of film, but it didn’t do its job whatsoever. As I was keeping my attention to see what will happen, in the end, it was nothing but a same old penance story, this time, it involves a house. Story so thin with barely some character development or motive, that really is surprising that two great actors and actresses took on this role. This is bad, even for Blumhouse standards!!!

Real Rating: 2 Stetlers