The Outpost


The Outpost had a slow start, but a thrilling end does make the ends meet!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Random Explosions

What I Like:

-The final battle scene was great to watch seeing the soldiers being surprised attacked, and fighting to stay alive in their outpost of Afghanistan, a lot of gunshot, explosion and death

The So So:

-The acting was decent, it is what you see with relationships with different soldiers from differing places, just funny hearing Orlando Bloom in a US Southern accent, some of the acting was subpar too, but nothing too distracting
-For a movie in the recent war in Afghanistan, I expected it to be more bloody, not gory bloody, but definitely more blood than what they showed, and with war movies it needs to be as real as possible

What I Didn’t Like:

-It really had a slow and dragging start, I get that it is needed for character development, but I believe they could’ve done it in a better way, because of that, I didn’t really cared for who died or not in the final battle


As a war film, it could’ve been better. With that said, that final battle scene was the greatest part of the whole movie. It has their thrilling and fun even though it wasn’t bloody enough for me. The slow start really affected the film tremendously, but if you’re patient, you will get somewhat of a satisfying ending!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Random Explosions

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