The Old Guard

The Old Guard 2020 film poster.png

The Old Guard turns a comic book movie to a very grounded and gritty which makes a good story and decent action!!!

Real Rating: 4 Bone Breaks

What I Like:

-The story was great, it made a comic book story from fantastical to very gritty and grounded, I give it credit for making characters with immortal powers very emotional and and making their power not as great as it sounds on paper
-The acting of these immortal warriors were great with their character development, especially Charlize Theron as the leader of the group, I swear, when she is in great action movies, she excels, and want to see more of that

The So So:

-The action was decent, I loved hearing the bone crunching in the fights, and the Bourne movies style of  of choreography and cinematography, but it wasn’t any action that blew my mind, not that is a bad thing, cuz the story definitely makes up for it

What I Didn’t Like:

-As great the story is, the minor twists were predictable, but not effective enough to bring the movie down


I enjoyed this comic book film but not for the action, which was decent, but the grounded story really made this a good watch. Charlize Theron and the rest of the gang provided great characters for us to care for in the execution of their character development. It is fun, enjoyable, and thrilling enough to enjoy a Netflix movie night or Party with this one!!!

Real Rating: 4 Bone Breaks

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