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Not as emotionally powerful as its predecessor, but still a fun zombie movie!!!

Real Rating: 4 Subtitles

What I Like:

-The action was a lot of fun, especially the car chase scenes that reminded me of Mad Max: Fury Road, and the zombies were a force to be reckon with

The So So:

-The story wasn’t emotionally effective as Train to Busan, but I did like the heist/mission type of story which was good fun

What I Didn’t Like:

-(Note: I saw this in a drive in theater) A lot of scenes were dark where I couldn’t see, and it was hard for me to read the subtitles, I get the story is suppose to be dark, but I need to see what happens in the dark
-It shared some political undertones, but not enough for me to care


Train to Busan was an emotional zombie movie which made it very unique. This sequel is not as emotionally effective, but the pure zombie action is a lot of fun. Once you get used to reading subtitles, it is a marvel to see for sure!!!

Real Rating: 4 Subtitles

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