Mulan (2020 film) poster.jpg

Mulan is beautifully crafted despite the familiar flaws it gives!!!

Real Rating: 4 Chis

What I Like:

-Director Niki Caro really created a beautiful world that is very colorful and great cinematography, it is definitely eye candy for sure
-The acting is also very good, it looked genuine enough, especially Liu Yifei playing Mulan, I thought she was great, tough as nails in her battles, and showing true emotions in her dilemmas
-Soundtrack is still great

The So So:

-The action and battle scenes for the most part is good, but there were some scenes that looked fake, it seems every scene they use chi magic, it looks like a scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
-Some of the liberties they took in the film made sense like instead of having Mushu, they had a legendary phoenix as a protector, but some changes didn’t make sense like the character Xianniang which didn’t really fit to this story, instead, it created dumb scenes which could’ve been avoided

What I Didn’t Like:

-Even though it practically follows the story of Mulan from the animated movie, some of the changes they made kind if made it even more formulaic than before, like adding more emphasis of woman playing their role, and the way the final battle scene went down as well, it may be a good remake, but not a great one for sure


It may not be high in my Disney live action remakes, but I do appreciate the changes to try to make it unique. Though some of the changes are good, and some just didn’t make sense. With all that said, I do appreciate the beautiful cinematography with the colorful blends, and the action scenes are some of the great things it brings to make it worthwhile to watch. I enjoyed for what it is, and really, that is all it needs to do!!!

Real Rating: 4 Chis