Tenet movie poster.jpg

Tenet is a crazy mind bending story that if you blink, you may miss something!!!

Real Rating: 4.5 Plane Crashes

What I Like:

-Christopher Nolan has created another thriller that was captivating, with the action scenes, special effects, cinematography, fight and war scenes, and intensity, it was fun to watch and worth it on IMAX, it is a spy/time traveling thriller you will like
-The acting was spectacular as well, John David Washington looks like he will be just like his father, Denzel Washington, in acting, Robert Pattison was surprisingly good in an action film, and Kenneth Branagh was great as the villain, a Russian villain no less

The So So:

-You have to watch this from beginning to end to really understand the effectiveness of this story, if you leave for the bathroom or to get a refill, you may miss a lot, heck, even a blink would make you miss something, with that said, it can be confusing if you’re not paying attention, but rewarding when you do and understand, it is worth a second watch

What I Didn’t Like:

-It is a long movie, and can drag during the slow parts, but it is very minor


This film is worth the risk and watch in IMAX. Nolan has done it again in creating a story that will be thrilling and captivating. It will play with your mind, but once everything comes together, it is awesome and fulfilling. The acting was superb and pretty diverse. Inception is the best with it awesome and pretty straight forward story, but this one should be on par with Nolan’s repertoire of great films for sure!!!

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