Antebellum poster.jpeg

Antebellum had a lot of potential, but the twist and execution in the end made it ineffective!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Horses

What I Like:

-The set up to this film had a lot of potential, judging from the trailers, it would make you believe that this will be something different, and with a good message, because of that, it kept me engaged
-The acting, most notably Janelle Monae, was great in this whole endeavor

The So So:

-It started off in the Civil War era, and showing the evils of slavery, and then it goes to modern times, which the trailer shows which had me guessing of what the real twist is, but once that happened, I was underwhelmed with what it really is

What I Didn’t Like:

-Without spoiling it, after the twist, it just all went downhill from there, it turned to be a typical thriller
-I thought this was going to bring out an effective message on racism, but it wasn’t that effective, can’t even compare it to Get Out


I do believe that this movie was trying to have the same effectiveness like Get Out did four years ago. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case here. The set up was good, but once the twist came it fell off more than Wile E. Coyote. It tried, but storywise, it is not that good. It’s a shame cuz Janelle Monae did give a good performance that will be wasted!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Horses

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