Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes poster.jpeg

Enola Holmes is a charming film noted with the acting of Millie Bobby Brown, and a decent mystery story!!!

Real Rating: 4 Mysteries

What I Like:

-Millie Bobby Brown was charming in her role as Enola Holmes, she really had what it takes to be a strong woman and add a little mystery solver in her repertoire, she was great
-I also enjoyed her interactions, her respect with Sherlock Holmes, her disdain with Mycroft Holmes, but her chemistry with her mother, Eudoria Holmes played by Helena Bonham Carter, was something special to see, it is peculiar, but the love and inspiration is really there

The So So:

-It is not a Sherlock Holmes story, or in this case Enola Holmes, without a mystery story, and this one was no different, as for this story, it is definitely interesting which involves missing people and somebody trying to kill you, though I felt the mystery was a little all over the place and lost sight of the main part of the mystery, with all that said, it was interesting

What I Didn’t Like:

-Without spoiling it, I thought the twist which I kind of predicted, to keep it broad, was in the same realm but not quite the right note, regardless it wasn’t too surprising


It was a charming film mainly because of Millie Bobby Brown in the titular role of Enola Holmes. She was great, and shows she has what it takes to take on a big role. The future is bright for her. As for the rest of the film, it wasn’t boring. It had a decent mystery story that keeps you engaged. I enjoyed it, though it is not the greatest Sherlock Holmes movie I have seen. In the end, I hope there is more movies to come of Enola Holmes!!!

Real Rating: 4 Mysteries

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