Ava poster.jpeg

Ava is a formulaic spy film slog, nothing more to say!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Shots of the Boston Landscapes

What I Like:

-Some of the fight scenes were very gritty, and action scenes were cool
-The cinematography was nice, especially all the nice landscapes of my city of Boston

The So So:

-The film had a good cast of great actors, but it seems people were phoning it in, Colin Farrell was pretty much acting like himself, Common always sounds like he is rapping in his acting, John Malkovich was laughable in his action scenes, and Jessica Chastain really didn’t bring out her full potential in her acting, it is like they were just doing it for the paycheck

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story was a formulaic spy thriller, it was like something we already scene in a James Bond film
-The execution of the film seemed uninspired, and with the actors acting that way as well, it was just a slog to endure


I actually had high hopes for this film with its cast. Of course any film shot in my hometown of Boston gets me giddy as well. With all that said, it was just boring to watch. I can deal with formulaic stories, especially for spy films. Also, the fight scenes were gritty with cool action. However, it felt so uninspired, even I have to ask myself, “Why should I care?” So it is disappointing for me, and really yearns me to look forward to No Time to Die. Whenever that happens!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Shots of Boston Landscapes

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