Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween poster.png

Adam Sandler and his friends made another comedy dud, only this time it is set in Halloween!!!

Real Rating: 2 Swiss Army Thermoses

What I Like:

-The setting of Salem, MA, it actually shows its true beauty and culture with its landmarks, and how that city takes their Halloween seriously

The So So:

-I like how the tone switches from a comedy to sometimes horror, however, the comedy does over shadow the horror which kind of ruins the effectiveness of it

What I Didn’t Like:

-Adam Sandler does bring in many different voices, but the voice he brought for this on, I couldn’t understand half the things he is saying, not his best character in a long shot
-As a comedy it mostly failed, it got to a point that I was laughing because of how stupid it really is
-The story could have good potential, but the dumb comedy, forced romances, and a twist that really doesn’t make sense really just made it one bad movie in the end


This pretty much continues the bad movies that Happy Madison Productions continue to make for Netflix. This time it is a Halloween movie set in Salem with Adam Sandler and his friends just making a mockery of the holiday. It was a huge dud for comedy, and really as a film in general. You know it is a bad movie when the highlight is a thermos that does everything!!!

Real Rating: 2 Swiss Army Thermoses

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