Honest Thief

Honest Thief poster.jpg

Honest Thief, though interesting, it is the same old Liam Neeson movie!!!

Real Rating: 3 Neeson Threats on the Phone

What I Like:

-On the real, not much has really blown me away, but I guess Liam Neeson’s acting is as good as it gets

The So So:

-I thought the story was interesting, and a little different, but in the end, it is just a typical Liam Neeson movie

What I Didn’t Like:

-From the middle of the movie, I pretty much predicted on what’s going to happen, everything that went down wasn’t all that surprising
-Without spoiling it, the ending was way too open to know what happened
-It was set in Boston, however, I can tell they were in another city for most of the film and the dark cinematography didn’t do it justice, just a self nit pick on my part


Ever since Taken, Liam Neeson as an action star has started to become redundant and almost every action film he stars in is very formulaic and predictable. With this film it was the same thing. At least the premise of the story is interesting to say the least. I guess in the end, I would’ve cared more seeing Neeson do more bank heists than beating up corrupt police officers at this point!!!

Real Rating: 3 Neeson Threats on the Phone

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