The Trial of the Chicago 7


The Trial of the Chicago 7 is Aaron Sorkin at his finest once again with a court drama with fine actors, it can drag at times, but it is something that is appropriate for these times!!!

Real Rating: 4 Contempts

What I Like:

-Aaron Sorkin has written another great story with great dialogue and great character development in this court drama, add to the fact that he directed this movie, which looks like he is getting the hang of it in his second go of it, but his masterful craft is written (literally) all over it
-Sorkin’s writing would be nothing without the fine actors executing his lines greatly, there was so many great acting but I would like to highlight Mark Rylance playing the defending lawyer, William Knustler, the yippies played by Sacha Baron Cohen and Jeremy Strong provided a lot of good comic relief, and Frank Langella playing Judge Julius Hoffman was interesting to watch
-Overall, the story based on a true event was really interesting to watch, with all the politics surrounding this story is something that is relevant today, the way things go down is something we can learn from, and if and when the day comes for a trial, hopefully the outcome can be even more significant

The So So:

-It is about seven protesters using the Democratic National Convention to protest against the war and their opposition with the police, but I believe some of the characters were more highlighted than others, like what was David Dellinger’s role in all this, why was he at the protest and fighting for what he believes in, I believe he was overshadowed, and the whole thing with the Black Panthers had their moments but in the end, didn’t really pertain to the main story

What I Didn’t Like:

-With Sorkin’s writing, it couldn’t save itself from all the political and law jargon that can make it drag at times, it may be great for people who are studying or studied law and political sciences, but for the average joe it may go way over their head and not understand what’s going on, it kind of did for me, and I had to research some things to get a better understanding on what’s going on


It is a must watch film, because it deals with a theme that is going on right now in these times where tensions are at its highest. It is something you can learn from, and hopefully be inspired to fight for what is right. Kudos to Aaron Sorkin in making a good and effective film with great acting and some emotional impact, and making it entertaining as well. Yes, you may need to take some law classes to understand everything that is going, and some scenes can drag, but once you get through with that, it is a spectacle to see. It is on Netflix, so what do you have to lose? I believe this may have some Oscar buzz in the near future!!!

Real Rating: 4 Contempts

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