Love and Monsters


Love and Monsters is surprisingly good, though predictable, it had thrills and a lot of heart!!!

Real Rating: 4 Radio Devices

What I Like:

-The film was better than what I expected, it has strong acting, a decent story, and a lot of heart, it had some good combination of thrills and romance which is rare nowadays
-The thrills with the fight against monsters is great, almost Jaws and Jurassic Park like, you’re on the edge of your seat when they are coming
-The dog, Boy, was probably the best acted dog since I Am Legend

The So So:

-The story has predictability, but the execution makes up for it, for a love story, it is different, but the qualities are something we have seen before

What I Didn’t Like:

-Michael Rooker playing the character, Clyde Dutton, and the girl Minnow were tremendous in their role and stories, but there was not enough of them, it was enough to really develop the protagonist in Joel, but I wish there was more of these cool characters, maybe in the sequel


I thought I was going to hate this movie, but it ended up to be pretty good. It gave me the same vibes as Zombieland which I also thought I was going to hate, however, the characterizations and story were good and add the fact of a dystopian future in battling monsters really made it to a good movie. Who knows if it will do well enough to get a sequel, but I hope to see more of where this story continues!!!

Real Rating: 4 Radio Devices

The Secret Garden 2020 film poster.jpg

(Sidenote: The Secret Garden – If you have seen one version of this classic story, you have seen it all. The acting and the cinematography are fine. They took some liberties in their character development, but bottomline it is the same movie. Only updated!!!
Real Rating: 3 Gardens)

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