Over the Moon

Over the Moon (2020).png

Over the Moon is all too familiar, but the charm and celebration of culture does make it worthwhile!!!

Real Rating: 4 Mooncakes

What I Like:

-The animation in this film was great, and probably would’ve been worthwhile to watch it in 3D
-The Asian culture it brings out is authentic, and I got to learn more about the Moon Festival tradition which is fascinating
-The cast also brings a lot of charm and authenticity probably my favorite character is Gobi, voiced by Ken Jeong, who definitely brings heartwarming comedic timing

The So So:

-It is also a musical, though the songs are good, but I don’t think they are memorable, no song really had me play it back

What I Didn’t Like:

-I felt the beginning of the movie was way too rushed which kind of ruins the effectiveness of what the story is trying to bring
-The story is all too familiar, and I kept getting vibes from the great movie Coco with the structure and everything it brings


Yes, the film follows a formulaic Disney structure, even though it is not Disney. Yes, it does remind you of Coco a lot, and yes, it does seem to be a little rushed in some aspects. With all that said, it is still a worthwhile film to watch with your family. The Asian culture it brings with the great animation and authentic cast does bring in some good charm and fascination. To me, that is enough to make it a good movie, and something we can learn as well!!!

Real Rating: 4 Mooncakes

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