Freaky (Sidenote: Cut Throat City)

Freaky (film) poster.jpeg

Even with its interesting premise and entertaining leads, it is a tweenish and very predictable film!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Aaron Rodgers Masks

What I Like:

-The acting from both Vince Vaughn who went to the Jack Black school of a woman being trapped in a man’s body was entertaining to watch, and from Kathryn Newton playing an innocent girl turned mass murderer was also fun to watch

The So So:

-The premise of the story is a familiar one, but I did liked the angle it took of a mass murderer and a teenage girl switching their souls with one another, it did make it fun and interested to see how things will go down
-Without spoiling it, there were some touching moments, but sometimes it did felt forced and disingenuous
-For the people who like, not me, the violent scenes were pretty gory

What I Didn’t Like:

-There were a lot of tweenish moments which will make your eyes roll, from the jokes, to the dumb teen drama, makes me wonder if it was for adults or teens
-Without spoiling it, there were a lot of scenes that were cringingly uncomfortable and maybe infuriating


With its interesting premise and strong acting from their leads with Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton, it still didn’t live up to where it could’ve been. The tweenish angles really did affect it a lot for me. The horror was practically nonexistent unless you like gory violence and even then there was not too much of that. The comedy was dumb, and there may be some scenes that can be really offensive to you. To me it was a waste of a good premise and good acting by their leads. In all reality, did I expect something better? I shouldn’t be surprised!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Aaron Rodgers Masks

Cut Throat City poster.jpg

(Sidenote: Cut Throat City – This film had all the makings of a movie that I would definitely enjoy. It started off great with its development, grittiness, and realness it brings. Even though it gets you interested in what is going to happen, the ending was definitely a head scratcher in asking what is going on? Unfortunately, that affected film with true potential!!!
Real Rating: 3 Raccoons)

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