Hillbilly Elegy (Sidenote: Words on the Bathroom Walls)

Hillbilly Elegy (film).png

Though interesting with the strong acting, but I really didn’t get the main theme of this film!!!

Real Rating: 3 Shouting Matches

What I Like:

-The main thing that I did enjoy in this film is the acting, Amy Adams as a problematic druggie mom, really gave this character life into her own issues and past demons, but most notably, I really enjoyed Glenn Close’s character as the grandmother, first of all, it didn’t look or sound like Glenn Close, but playing the role as a fouled mouth tough person that actually cares was great to watch
-The makeup for this film was spot on, may here somee Oscar buzz in that regard

The So So:

-I do believe that director Ron Howard did his best with the script, I can appreciate the cinematography and acting direction, but the transitions, or lack of, made it confusing and hard to follow
-I was interested in watching about the hillbilly culture, however, it really didn’t show much of that, more of the negative stuff like the family dramas

What I Didn’t Like:

-Question, what is the main point of this film? Is it about the hillbilly culture in the Appalachian Midwest? Is it about how the mom suffered with drugs, or is it a coming of age story of the protagonist in J.D.? Though I do believe it is the last part, but the film had a tough job of showing that effectively


This film had some potential. Judging from the trailer I thought it would have Oscar buzz, however, after watching it, it was a waste of great acting from Amy Adams and Glenn Close. The lack of a real main theme really affected the story telling, and what it really wanted to show. If anything, it just shows the dysfunction of the hillbilly culture with all the family drama. If that is the point, then it is not a real good one. I guess I could say that the book of J.D.’s memoirs would be a lot better!!!

Real Rating: 3 Shouting Matches

Words on Bathroom Walls.jpeg

(Sidenote: Words on the Bathroom Walls – Nothing comes close in watching a film about schizophrenia than the film A Beautiful Mind, but this film had an interesting approach to it. Even though I believe it was a very heightened approach of this mental disorder, I can appreciate the visual takes that this can bring, and how the person suffering from it can affect not only himself, but his family and friends around him. I hate that the ending was too cheesy, but what can I say, it is a YA romance story to begin with!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Hallucinations)

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