Godmothered (Sidenote: Becky)


Though it may not be original, it is a good enough family movie to enjoy for the holidays!!!

Real Rating: 3 Godmothers

What I Like:

-It does have that Disney charm to it, and that is mainly because of Jillian Bell’s performance as Eleanor, a practicing fairy godmother, her naiveness and determination to make Isla Fisher’s character, Mackenzie, life better is funny and at times, heartwarming to watch

The So So:

–I like the fact that the setting is in today’s standards, especially filmed in the city of Boston, where people don’t believe in fairy tales, and trying to convince them that the magic is still there, yes it is a story trope, but it just felt genuine enough for me to keep my attention and enjoy

What I Didn’t Like:

-It is full of cliches, especially the Disney kind, where all I can do is roll my eyes sometimes, and these cliches brings predictability that you can see from a million miles away, I mean what do you expect with a kids movie nowadays?


Yes it is a typical Disney movie with all the fixings of tropes and cliches. It does remind me of the film Enchanted a lot as well. With all that said, it is still a charming and funny Christmas movie for the whole family. The acting and the pure innocence is enjoyable, and maybe make you believe in miracles. Maybe!!!

Real Rating: 3 Godmothers

Becky poster.jpg

(Sidenote: Becky – This film was better than I expected. It is pretty thrilling at times, although, it is a little outrageous. I give props to Kevin James playing the villain which was actually believable. Also to Lulu Wilson as the teenage girl defending herself from these bad guys. It is very violent for the people that love that stuff. I thought it might be a waste of time, but it really is not that bad!!!
Real Rating: 3 Lawnmowers)

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