Safety (Sidenote: The Witches)

Disney Safety Poster.jpeg

Safety can pull your heart strings, but the subpar acting and formulaic story affects on getting over the mediocre hump!!!

Real Rating: 3 Clemson Tigers

What I Like:

-It is a sad but touching true story on the life of Ray McElrathby and his younger brother Fahmarr, you do feel for them and all the trials and tribulations they have to go through in their lives, it can tug your emotional heart strings for sure
-I did like one theme it definitely preaches upon, and that is the sense of community and helping each other out, in this case the Clemson University football team and surrounding area, it is nice to see people showing that they truly care about something

The So So:

-Even if it is a true story, it definitely fits the formulaic Disney story, with all that said, I ended up caring about these main characters, and seeing what will happen to them

What I Didn’t Like:

-The acting was subpar, you can tell with the characters of Ray and his girlfriend Kaycee, played by Jay Reeves and Corinne Foxx, that they are new in the acting business, they have some good moments, but for this film, it was almost Channing Tatum’s early acting career bad
-For a movie about sports, there was barely any football drama which was slightly disappointing for me
-Also, I get it that it is a kids film, but they could have gone deeper in the family troubles that the McElrathby brothers went through, and maybe go deeper in some dark themes where they just dipped their toes in the water, but that’s it, kind of a wasted opportunity because they played it safe


This film is for what it is, a touching Disney film for the family to watch. It is not anything major and great, which could’ve been with a better story. The acting can be a little cringe worthy, and football fans will be disappointed with no football action. With all that said, it can still be a heartwarming and inspiring story about looking out for family and working hard to achieve your dreams, and having a supportive community. At least for that, it will be good enough to enjoy with your family!!!

Real Rating: 3 Clemson Tigers

The Witches (Official 2020 Film Poster).png

(Sidenote: The Witches – This is a remake from the 90’s cult classic. With the original film it had cool practical effects nad puppetry with creepy makeup and acting. In this film I enjoyed the better develop story and character development and diversity which the original film lacked. They do rely heavily on CGI, but honestly it wasn’t great CGI for me. At the very least you have some nice acting from Octavia Spencer doing what she does best, and definitely by Anne Hathaway playing the Grand High Witch. Overall, it is still fun to watch on this classic children’s book!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Rats)