The Prom

The Prom (film).png

The Prom may excel in music and cinematography, but the story could’ve been a lot more effective!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Dance Floors

What I Like:

-I thought director Ryan Murphy really did a great job in making the movie musical beautiful, the color schemes were awesome, the musical performances were fun to watch, and the cinematography was excellent
-The music, for the most part, is enjoyable, it is not as catchy as other musicals but the song, It’s Time to Dance, is a good one for sure

The So So:

-The theme is about acceptance, which for the most part it has done its job, the only thing is that the ending felt very rushed in solving some of the character’s issues in what they are going through, I’m not going to spoil it, but we all know for acceptance to happen it will not happen overnight, especially in a small town in Indiana, it just tells me it is more about the show instead of the true message
-Also the character development really made some of these characters unlikeable, I get it that that is the point, but even the development felt rushed for the conclusion as well, it definitely needs more substance to make it real

What I Didn’t Like:

-As I said before, everything in the third act just felt rushed to a conclusion which makes it a happy ending of sorts, but let’s be real, these issues will not be solved that quickly and really missed out on giving an emotional powerful moment, it can be satisfying for some, but it could’ve been a lot better and it was a missed opportunity to hit the people upside their head about the message it is trying to bring


It is great to watch for the art that this musical brings. The color and cinematography alone makes it amazing. The musical performances are fun with good tunes to listen too. Though the theme about acceptance is clear, I believe it could’ve been a lot better and fleshed out. It could’ve been a lot more powerful than what it brought. Instead, it was more of a good musical performance instead of a powerful emotional message. Yes, there is nothing wrong with a good musical performance which it does achieve, but they could’ve used their platform for something better instead of a rushed third act!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Dance Floors

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