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Songbird, when the premise doesn’t quite match the main point of the story!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 GPS Stalkings

What I Like:

-It is only produced by Michael Bay, but you can see his action scenes and cinematography all over it, for me, that is not a bad thing
-I also enjoyed the editing of real life to Iphone and Ipad scenes, it is kind of cool

The So So:

-The acting was good, but it did make it out to a Michael Bayish YA story, and that is scary to think about

What I Didn’t Like:

-It is one of the first, which I’m sure of many, films about the COVID-19 Pandemic, this time it leads to somewhat an apocalypse of quarantine and possible corruptness, but in the end, the movie was just a somewhat romance movie, a romance which I don’t really care for
-What I wanted to see is more of the corruption, why going to these quarantine camps is so bad, and why the higher ups act this way, didn’t show any of that and that is disappointing
-It also ended with a lot more questions from me, because there is a lot of plotholes it had


Fans of Michael Bay may enjoy his craft which you do get a lot of. I just felt I got a little bit of false advertising looking forward to an apocalyptic CoronaVirus film with some corrupt people and action, but the most part was just a romance between to young adults. That is disappointing for me, because I didn’t care for that. I wanted to see more of the corruptness from politicians or what not. I didn’t get that as much as I wanted. Instead I had more questions because of all the plotholes. In the end, it could’ve been better, but what do you expect with a film that was shot and made in a couple of months!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 GPS Stalkings

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