Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Sidenote: Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey)

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom film poster.jpg

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom has a sense of realism that really is captivating despite your taste in blues music!!!

Real Rating: 4 A One, A Two, A You Know What To Do

What I Like:

-The acting was great, most notably Chadwick Boseman as the trumpet player, Levee Green, you can feel the character in his hope of being a famous musician and dealing with his past demons in his life, it all really felt genuine, I also enjoyed Viola Davis as famous blues singer, Ma Rainey, she is a diva, but I like how she has a purpose with everything that she does, it was fascinating to watch
-The dialogue in this film is great, hearing the conversations between the band members are some of my favorite scenes, talking about music, pride, racism, and their ego really took a page out of the Quentin Tarantino book of great dialogue

The So So:

-The story is basic, pretty much all it shoes is how recording during the 1920’s can be a complicated experience, if it wasn’t for the dialogue and character development, it would’ve been a basic movie

What I Didn’t Like:

-I didn’t care for the blues music, but that is just my personal opinion, which can be a drag for me, but I won’t take it away to the people who do like this genre of music
-Without spoiling it, the way this became a tragedy can be infuriating, so be prepared for that


This is a fascinating movie with some great acting and character development of the music business in the 1920s. With Chadwick Boseman, I feel a posthumous Oscar may be coming which would be great. If you love blues music, you will enjoy this for sure. The dialogue is great, and that alone will entertain you for sure. The realism really makes you think without the heavy handedness that movies bring in regards to racism. It just makes you think, and some good thinking. It is a tragedy that can play with your emotional strings as well. Overall, it is a fine movie that I will highly suggest!!!

Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey poster.png

(Sidenote: Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey – This is a very unique Christmas movie about a failing inventor who lost his spirit. It is a musical with some fun tunes and performances as well. It can follow the Christmas movie tropes, but I like how they give it a different spin than a regular Christmas movie which I appreciated. It is fun, and good for the whole family to watch on this holiday season!!!
Real Rating: 4 Evil Toys Voiced by Ricky Martin)

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