Greenland (Sidenotes: The Christmas Chronicles 2 and Fatman)

Greenland (film).png

Greenland is the disaster film that shows more heart and intense drama than others, but it still had its share of cliches!!!

Real Rating: 4 Diabetic Kits

What I Like:

-Unlike most disaster movies, this one had more heart and emotion, focusing more on the characters than crazy CGI showing damage, you hear that Roland Emmerich? Probably the best disaster movie since The Impossible, and I enjoyed every minute of it
-Who knew that Gerard Butler can actually be in a good movie, probably the best since 300, he showed some good emotion during the whole ordeal, and Morena Baccarin displayed some good emotional acting chops as well
-It added a lot of tension drama from beginning to the end, it wasn’t boring at all

The So So:

-The story was good enough, I mean what more you can do for a disaster movie, but it did have its fare of cliches that come with it which can be eye rolling

What I Didn’t Like:

-There were some parts that did add to the tension that weren’t necessary, but movie has to movie I guess


I will say it again, probably the best disaster movie since The Impossible, and the best Gerard Butler movie since probably 300. It was thrilling and entertaining from beginning to end. It had more heart and emotional character development than any disaster movie, especially from Roland Emmerich. I enjoyed it, and remains relevant for us today. Especially with people panicking, you know who you are!!!

Real Rating: 4 Diabetic Kits

The Christmas Chronicles 2.jpg

(Sidenote: The Christmas Chronicles 2 – I have to say, I like Kurt Russell’s version of Santa Claus. Add Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus, and you get a cool movie showing their village in the North Pole. The story is a little weaker than the first, but it is still fun to watch. Brings the Christmas spirit to the whole family!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Mrs. Claus Cookies)

Promotional release poster

(Sidenote: Fatman – This is not your average Christmas movie involving Santa Claus. This give a sense of realism to a certain extent. This story involves the government, taxes, and hitmen. It is an interesting story, but definitely weird. That is saying something that involves Mel Gibson!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Spoiled Little Brats)

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