Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984.png

Wonder Woman 1984 may have been more fan service than anything else, but it is still fun to watch at the very least!!!

Real Rating: 4 Wishes

What I Like:

-The action for the most part are the fun parts of the movie, the fight scenes, the way she uses the lasso of truth, and among other things are fun to watch
-Gal Gadot, as she should be, was the funnest person to watch, seeing a hero grow during the time from the first movie until now, and how she progressed as Diana Prince and Wonder Woman at the same time

The So So:

-Chris Pine returns as Steve Trevor, though the explanation of him coming back was a little disappointing, I really enjoyed the chemistry between him and Wonder Woman, I really did feel like the love is genuine there
-Seeing Pedro Pascal play the villain Maxwell Lord was intriguing enough, but a stereotypical type of villain, his character development seem uneven and rushed and for the most part, one dimensional
-There is a lot fan service in this film and that can be a good thing and a bad thing, without spoiling it, for the good is if it makes sense with the bigger picture, but some fan service does seem forced, the whole 80’s vibe seemed way to heavy handed as well, especially the first scene involving the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

What I Didn’t Like:

-The development of Cheetah was the most disappointing for me, Kristen Wiig did a great job with what she can work with, she just seem way too stereotypical as a villain with her intentions, way too heavy handed in her “nobody” development, and really didn’t seem like a formidable villain at all, yes her character is campy to begin with, but I feel like it could’ve been a lot better


I loved the first Wonder Woman film. It really created a good female superhero we all can enjoy. With this anticipated sequel, you want more, and you do get more. However, the more may not be such a good thing. I do feel that a lot of the fan service was forced and really didn’t make any sense. There are some cool things that happened that made this film fun to watch with the action it brings. The villains though are too typical and uneven with their development which is disappointing. Honestly, it didn’t live up to its expectation, but it is better than most things in the DC Extended Universe!!!

Real Rating: 4 Wishes

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