Soul Poster.jpeg

Soul is an awesome story that really makes you appreciate about life, highly recommend!!!

Real Rating: 4.5 Souls

What I Like:

-When it comes to Pixar and their original stories, they usually hit it out of the park, the real lesson that they showed about appreciating all the small things in life, they still managed to make it emotional and funny
-I did like the voice cast, I thought Jaime Foxx as Joe was great, and Tina Fey as 22 was hilarious as well as a soul who has no purpose it reminded me of teenagers in school as well and how hard it is for them to realize their potential and purpose, as a teacher, I can relate
-The jazz soundtrack was on point

The So So:

-Pixar is usually great with animation, for me, when it comes to The Great Before or Beyond I thought they took a step back, because it looked a little too basic quite honestly, but all the scenes in New York City was awesome and captures the true essence of the city

What I Didn’t Like:

-There is some controversy with this film which I understand, but I won’t get into, because it really ruins the main point of the story which is truly something special, if the controversy is that serious, just boycott it and that’s that, just don’t ruin it for other people, especially the kids who can learn something from it


Pixar has done it again with another great original story. Though the animation is a small step back in certain aspects, the story and emotion is still impactful. It is great for the whole family to watch and enjoy. I highly recommend it, and it is on Disney+, so what you have to lose?

Real Rating: 4.5 Souls