One Night in Miami

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One Night in Miami may be fictional, but the realness it brings with these four historical figures grounded as friends is really captivating!!!

Real Rating: 4.5 Hotel Rooms

What I Like:

-The writing for this film was superb, it really puts a human view on these four historical figures during the Civil Rights Movements and shows their different views and perspectives on everything that is happening, it was intriguing and really captivates you on the realness it brings in just hearing four friends talk, the story may be fictional, but if it was real, I would’ve believed it
-I also give credit to Regina King in her directorial debut for this film, it was simple where most of the movie was in one hotel room, but the emotion was really shown from each character and it once again brings out the realness of this story
-Leslie Odom Jr. as singer Sam Cooke was my favorite character in this whole ordeal, his singing made the soundtrack great to listen too, and seeing his relationships with the other guys was great to see, especially the scenes where he goes against the ideologies of Malcolm X were tense, yet, influencing

The So So:

-Now I know this may not be fair to compare, because the actors really did a fine job, but it was hard not to compare Kingsley Ben-Adir to Denzel Washington’s portrayal of Malcolm X, and Eli Goree to Will Smith’s portrayal to Muhammed Ali, to me they weren’t good enough to be great as these performances, but they did their darndest in this film, quite honestly, having both of them in this film made it a better picture at least

What I Didn’t Like:

-If I had to pick one, Aldis Hodge as Jim Brown probably had the short end of the stick in this film, he was the voice of reason when things got tense, but his story wasn’t shown enough to see his role in the great scheme of things


This is definitely one of the realest movies of 2020. I enjoyed the story, the dialogue, and the emotion these actors playing big name characters put out in a simple premise. I also give a lot of credit to Regina King in bringing out those emotions that made this movie effective. This is a good one to watch. As I said before, this may be a fictional story, but the groundedness of this story really was captivating. Like it really did happen!!!

Real Rating: 4.5 Hotel Rooms

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