Outside the Wire


Outside the Wire is a run by the numbers film that leads to predictability, but it does have cool action and fight scenes t the very least!!!

Real Rating: 3 Gumps

What I Like:

-The action and fight scenes are really fun to watch, it is almost like watching a Jason Bourne movie
-Anthony Mackie’s acting is really good in this film, he is intense an witty at the same time, and he was enjoyable to watch

The So So:

-The other actor, Damson Idris, was ok in his acting, he had good moments, but I give credit to the writing, but I felt his execution was subpar, and didn’t seem genuine enough

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story was very run by the numbers that makes it way, way too predictable, thanks to the trailer, I practically predicted where the story will go before the film even starts, let alone, it reminded me a lot of the film Training Day with its character development which lead me to know what is going to happen


It is a typical film running a typical formula. With me, that watches a lot of movies, makes it way too predictable to me. At the very least, you have fun action, cool fighting, and a fine performance by Anthony Mackie. It is a film that belongs to Netflix, and if you have nothing to lose on a day, might as well watch it!!!

Real Rating: 3 Gumps

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